Summer Sign-up Challenge

Casey’s ATA Morgantown students you could win $100, an iPad Mini, or a Play Station 4! Keep reading to find out how you could win them.

Get friends, relatives, and neighbors to fill out information slips (located at the front counter) and let them know that Mr. Thokar will be calling them to set up a free Taekwondo class. Turn the information slips into Mr. Thokar with your name on them. Get the slips to Mr. Thokar quickly as this will result in better chances to win.

The student with the most information slips wins $100 cash!!

If you get more than 2 students signed up from your information slips, then you get entered into the first drawing if you get picked you win an iPad mini!

You are entered in a 2nd drawing only if you have 5 or more students singed up from your information slips. If your name gets picked you win a PLAY STATION 4!

If you get a family to sign up they only count as 2 towards the drawing!

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