Star System

“Every Kids is a Winner and Every Kid is Special”

Tiny Tigers and Karate for Kids earn stars for good behavior, good grades, weekly and monthly check-off sheets, tournament participation, and performance awards.

Tiny Tigers who collect 15 Stars earn their next V Patch.

Karate for Kids who collect 25 Stars earn their next V Patch.

GOLD – Straight A’s or an improved report card over the last quarter. Up to three per quarter.

BLUE – Completing the monthly life skills homework and displaying the monthly life skill in and out of class. For completion of the “job list.”

RED – Tournament participation.

SILVER – Special Performance Awards.

Earning Stars is Fun and Rewarding! Fill up the V Patch with Stars and Receive the Next V Patch. Keep in mind that “Every kid is winner” and that, “Every kid is special” and kids can be rewarded for increases in confidence and other life skills as well as athletic accomplishment.

Tiny Tiger Goal Sheet

Karate for Kids Goal Sheet