Rules and Proper Etiquette

In order to keep a productive class environment the following rules of proper etiquette should
be followed by both students and spectators when at ATA Black Belt Academy.

1. Students should respond “Yes/No, Sir or Ma’am” in conversation with instructors and
students, stand respectfully and address them by their last name and proper title.
2. Students and instructors should bow to the flags each time they enter or leave the
classroom area to demonstrate respect to the instructors and fellow students.
3. All students must turn their attendance card in for each class.
4. If students are late for class, they should ask permission to enter class.
5. Students are encouraged to participate in class enthusiastically; however they are to
avoid unnecessary conversation.
6. Students, parents and guests should not converse with any other person involved in a
class session without permission from the instructor.
7. Students may not engage in free sparring without proper gear and direct supervision of
an instructor.
8. No student, regardless of rank, may instruct or correct another student without
permission from the supervising instructor.
9. A clean uniform is imperative in each class as a reflection of the student’s pride.
10. Female students must wear a while T‐shirt under their uniform.
11. No jewelry shall be worn in class expect for a wedding ring.
12. Students should not wear shoes on the workout floor.
13. Place clothes neatly and quietly in the storage area.
14. All belts should be tied to hang evenly, as one side represents the mind and the other
represents the body.
15. Student should turn away from instructors and flags when adjusting their uniform or
16. Not food, drink, or gum may be consumed on the workout area.
17. There will be no use of profanity on the school premises at any time.
18. There will be no use of alcohol or tobacco products of any kind while wearing a
Taekwondo Uniform or before a Taekwondo function such as class, tournaments, or
testing, etc.
19. Permission of the student’s instructor is required before a student may attend another
ATA school or martial arts function.
20. High ranking visitors to the class should be greeted with appropriate respect; if class is in
session, all members should immediately stop and bow.