Question: Is martial arts good for kids aged three to six? Answer: Yes!

Martial arts offers unique benefits for children as young as three years old. And, as with any skill, the earlier a child starts, the better. Here are five ways that martial arts helps your younger child’s development:

1)   Develops Focus and Discipline – Martial arts is a great outlet for excess energy. It’s also a great way to teach kids to pay attention, focus, and listen to directions.

2)   Helps Motor Skills – Martial arts helps develop both gross and fine motor skills in children. This is done through repetitive techniques, complex movements, and regular exercise.

3)   Develops Confidence – By starting martial arts at an early age, children develop confidence quickly. They learn their own potential (“I can do it!”) which allows them to build their sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

4)   Teaches Respect and Courtesy – By taking regular martial arts classes, younger children learn the twin values of respect and courtesy. They learn how treat adults and peers with respect.

5)   Instills Perseverance – Finally, early martial arts instruction instills the value of perseverance. This pays off in school, homework, and other areas of the child’s life.

Bottom Line: The younger a child starts martial arts, the more these benefits become habits in that child’s life! Three years old is a great time to start!

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