Dear Future Black Belt

Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your body both physically and
mentally by joining the world’s largest martial arts organization the American
Taekwondo Association (ATA). Each person who becomes involved in the Martial Arts
has a different objective: to improve his or her physical condition, to learn self-defense,
improve self-discipline, or become more confident. Each of these different goals,
however, reflects one common thought: personal improvement. The ATA sees this
concept a “personal victory”… a measurement of individual improvement based on
personal potential.

The ATA program is an exciting form of mental and physical exercise for men and
women, boys and girls, the young in age and the young at heart. If you are dedicated to
attending classes you will meet your goals in the martial arts, and receive additional
benefits you never expected. The material included is your “New Student Packet.” You
will find helpful hints and tips to make transition into the martial arts as smooth and
enjoyable as possible.

The ATA and its instructors are dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through the
development of life skills by means of providing high quality martial arts training.
Casey’s ATA Black Belt Academy will use new technology, adaptive accredited
curriculum, and knowledgeable internationally certified staff to provide and maintain an
atmosphere conducive of HONOR, COURTESY, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and
PERSEVERANCE. These life skills, which are reinforced at the beginning and ending
of every ATA event, have greatly affected my life for the better and can do the same for
you. Taekwondo translates into English as “The way of the hand and the foot.” As your
training in Taekwondo begins to develop you will see the way into a better life.

See you on the mat,

Mrs. Casey and the Flying WV Logo

Mrs. Lesley Casey
4th Degree Black Belt
National ATA Judge